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By Ben Caskey



A boy on the brink of manhood. A magical orange scar. An old feud that could threaten everything. Chimera wants nothing more than peace and prosperity for his tribe, but trouble is brewing in Aragath when food and land run short and everyone seems to want a piece of it.

His father isn’t able to maintain the delicate peace needed, and if something isn’t done soon, his people could face extinction. Chimera desperately tries to protect his family and his allies, all the while hunting for the truth about the mysterious scar on his arm.

When he’s forced into a war he can’t hope to win, will an age-old mystery hold the key to victory?

Want to preview Chimera?

Check out the first chapter which is called Scars.


Ben Caskey

Ben Caskey has always been interested in a good story. Growing up on books and movies in the fantasy sci-fi genre, he wanted to take on the challenge of telling a story set in these fantastical worlds. Chimera is his first attempt to do just that.