With around a month left until the NBA trade deadline, most teams are looking to either blow up their roster or acquire a new talent to help them in the playoff push. One of the most interesting rumors is about the Knicks trading Carmelo Anthony, even though this trade may not make sense considering Melo is having a great year averaging 22 points and 6 boards a game. Let’s look at some of the reasons the Knicks should trade him.

Why the Knicks Should Trade Carmelo

Even though Melo is still playing like a superstar he is 32 years old and is definitely on the back end of his career. Through his great career he has never won a championship and probably never will on the Knicks. Even though he has two great teammates in Derrick Rose and Kristaps Porzingis the team still isn’t set to even make the playoffs let alone contend. Not to mention Derrick Rose is rapidly approaching the age of 30 and is expected to leave in free agency.

So, Melo has reason to leave and seek a championship, but why should the Knicks get rid of a consistent scorer who wants to be in New York? Well, again both Melo and Rose are getting older and they’re not asking for any less money. If New York wants to rebuild around budding superstar Porzingis then they should trade the old players and commit to a rebuild.

But a trade like this won’t be easy to pull off considering Melo will only consider going to a good team. Let’s look at the three teams that I think have the best chance of trading for Melo.

Teams With the Best Chance of Trading for Carmelo

1 – Boston Celtics

Isaiah Thomas is having an MVP season averaging 28 points per game and the Celtics have turned things around after having a rough start. But they still haven’t managed to beat any of the top teams taking losses to the Warriors, Spurs, Raptors, and Cavs. If they are looking for one more scorer to go alongside Thomas then Carmelo is the perfect candidate. The best move would be for Boston to give Brooklyn’s pick and Jae Crowder and in return they would get Carmelo. This trade would give the Celtics the final piece they need to become a winner. And the Knicks would gain a top five draft pick and a good young small forward in Crowder.

2 – LA Clippers

The Clippers were the hottest team in the league early on, beating out the Cavs and the Warriors for the best record in the league. Unfortunately, they have cooled off and have fallen to 4th place in the western conference. And after the injury to Chris Paul they may fall even farther in the standings. If the Clippers can acquire for Melo without trading away anyone from their core of Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, or DeAndre Jordan then they will easily get back into title contention. But, since the Knicks are likely to ask for at least one of these players, the Clippers have some decisions to make. I think that Chris Paul should be untouchable and the Knicks already have a player at Blake’s position. So the trade have to be Carmelo for DeAndre Jordan. In this scenario, the Knicks would receive a huge upgrade at the center position and the Clippers would gain the small forward they have been missing for the last few years.

3 – Washington Wizards

The Wizards are somehow the 5th seed in the east off the back of John Wall’s 22 points and 10 assists a game. Whether they hold this playoff spot or not this season proves that John Wall is a superstar. However, despite these numbers the wizards probably won’t be contenders until they make a few more moves. The best move for both teams would be trading Melo for Bradley Beal. If the Wizards can pull of this trade then they would instantly have one of the scariest duos in the league with Melo and Wall. The upside for the Knicks is that they would receive a 23 year old Beal who is also averaging 22 points a game. Beal and Derrick Rose would be a great duo as well with Beal’s shooting and Rose’s driving and passing ability.

Carmelo Anthony is a great player and many teams are sure to want his services but I believe these three teams definitely have the best chance at making a blockbuster trade for him at the deadline.