Last off-season, NBA superstar Kevin Durant was a free agent and he was sought after by many different teams. The two biggest contenders to sign him were the Celtics and Warriors. In the end, he made the highly controversial choice to sign with the Warriors. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why the Celtics needed to sign Kevin Durant.

1 – Al Horford

Boston may have missed out on Durant but they did manage to sign Horford to a 4-year deal worth 113 million. Horford may be a great fit for the Celtics and with Durant on the team they would have fit together perfectly; but, without Durant, Horford is a very expensive big man on the wrong side of 30 years old. This may harm the rebuilding process that was going so well for Boston. If the Horford deal is going to work out then they need to find other ways to win.

2 – A Second Scorer

Durant would have provided a much needed scoring presence to go alongside Isaiah Thomas. Almost all Championship teams over the last ten years have had at least two prominent scorers on their roster. Avery Bradley has become a much better scorer for Boston, but Durant would have provided the type of elite scoring that wins championships. For the Celtics to become contenders they will need to find a player who can put up the kind of numbers that Durant does on a nightly basis.

3 – The Delay

If the Celtics had signed Durant then their rebuilding attempts would have been successful and they would have become contenders. Instead, they are a mediocre 13 and 12 and looking to make some trades. Their best move now would be to rely on Brooklyn’s draft pick to either trade for someone with Durant’s abilities or use the pick to draft a future superstar. Either way, I think Boston is in a good position to improve, just not as quickly as they would have with Durant.